An invisible perfect smile with Invisalign® splints (aligner therapy)

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a system that corrects misaligned teeth with the help of a series of almost invisible and individually manufactured, removable aligners. These so-called aligners are changed independently by the patient every one to two weeks, so that the teeth move step by step into the correct position until the desired treatment goal is achieved.

Invisalign® is a method of orthodontically correcting slight to moderate tooth misalignments of any kind without great impairment for the patient. With this treatment option it is possible to straighten teeth efficiently and gently in a relatively manageable period of time. Invisalign® trays are made of biocopatible SmartTrack material and can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing teeth. Because of this, the patient hardly feels any restrictions in everyday life. Invisalign® treatment is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Dr. von Dörnberg has many years of experience and a high level of competence in aligner therapy and will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of inconspicuous tooth correction.

With transparent Invisalign aligners you get straighter teeth. See for yourself.

Procedure of treatment with Invisalign


After a detailed orthodontic consultation with Dr. von Dörnberg, specialist dentist for orthodontics, an orthodontic and impression-free initial diagnosis including 3D scan and other state-of-the-art procedures is carried out.



An individual treatment plan including 3D simulation (ClinCheck®) of the treatment result is created. The aligners are then custom-made for the individual patient.


3. Treatment phase – wearing the splints

The aligners are worn daily for approx. 22 hours. This is the only way to ensure successful and effective tooth movement.
At intervals of one to two weeks, the patient changes the aligners independently to the next aligner set.



The progress of the treatment is checked every 6-8 weeks in the practice by the specialist dentist for orthodontics, Dr. von Dörnberg. This is the only way to ensure that the treatment is correct, safe and as desired.

At the end of the treatment, everyone can enjoy the new smile together!


How does Invisalign® work?

Conventional orthodontic treatment uses fixed braces (brackets). Invisalign braces, on the other hand, are removable and almost invisible on the teeth.


The modern method consists of transparent dental trays (aligners) that are made individually for the patient from so-called SmartTrack material.


The aligners are worn for about 22 hours a day and regularly changed by the patient every one to two weeks. At check-ups, which take place every six to eight weeks, the correct fit of the aligners and the course of treatment are checked. With each change of splint, the teeth are brought into the correct and previously planned position step by step. Progress is already visible after a short time.


The total treatment time depends on the original malocclusion and initial situation. The aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing or important appointments, which is a decisive advantage of this system. There is virtually no interference in everyday life.


Invisalign® can be used to correct mild to moderate tooth misalignments. Biomechanically, there is a limited range of indications. For this reason, it is very important to carry out a comprehensive clinical diagnosis and initial consultation in order to assess and classify the misalignment of the teeth for the suitability of treatment with Invisalign.


In most cases, Invisalign treatment is suitable for adults and teenagers.


Invisalign is the market leader in aligner therapy. Therefore, only the most modern technologies are used for the production of the aligners. By means of a 3D intraoral scan of the teeth and a 3D printing process, the highest precision and an impression-free treatment is guaranteed.

Our Invisalign treatment successes

Invisalign result maxilla

Invisalign OK vorher Invisalign OK nachher

Invisalign result mandible

Invisalign UK vorher Invisalign UK nachher

Invisalign result frontal view

Invisalign frontal vorher Invisalign nachher frontal
Invisalign Anwender Experte München

Original Invisalign Aligner

Transparent Invisalign aligners allow both simple and complex corrections to be made faster than with traditional braces.

Some private health insurance companies now cover the costs of Invisalign treatment. To be on the safe side, check with your health insurance provider.


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Benefits of an Invisalign Aligner Therapy


Due to the transparent splint material, an almost invisible treatment is guaranteed

Removable, tooth correction without fixed braces

The splints can be conveniently removed for eating, brushing teeth and for important professional appointments for example

High comfort

There are hardly any impairments when wearing and speaking

Made to measure for each patient by the market leader

Made to measure for each patient and made of comfortable SmartTrack material

FAQs regarding Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a modern and almost invisible method of straightening teeth using the latest 3D computer technology. A successive series of transparent trays is custom-made and worn according to an individual treatment plan until the teeth are in the desired position.

The splints are changed independently by the patient at home every one to two weeks. Dr. von Dörnberg regularly checks the progress of the treatment every six to eight weeks. The total duration of treatment depends on the type and severity of the original malocclusion, and in most cases ranges from 6 to a maximum of 18 months.

Invisalign® treatment consists of several transparent dental trays, also called aligners. These aligners are programmed in steps to move the teeth into the desired position. The range of movement and timing of movement are precisely controlled. The 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck®) determines which teeth are moved and when.

The cost of treatment with Invisalign® depends on the complexity of the malocclusion and whether treatment is required in one jaw or simultaneously in the upper and lower jaws. Accordingly, there is a cost variance depending on the extent of treatment required.

The statutory health insurance companies do not pay for Invisalign® treatment. Private health insurances and supplementary insurances usually cover Invisalign® treatment if an appropriate insurance contract has been concluded, but this should always be clarified in detail in advance.

The attachments are small, tooth-coloured fasteners/plastic bodies on the teeth. These small moulds are attached to the teeth at the beginning of the Invisalign® treatment and are removed without leaving any residue after the treatment. Similar to grips, they ensure a good hold of the splints and support the controlled tooth movements. Attachments are not necessary in all cases, but are planned and used individually as needed.

For quick cleaning of the aligners in between, we recommend lukewarm water and a toothbrush without toothpaste. Toothpaste can make the aligners look dull and opaque.


For more intensive cleaning, the treatment package includes Invisalign® cleaning crystals that are dissolved in water. The aligners can then be rinsed with lukewarm water. Hot water should not be used to avoid deformation of the aligner plastic.


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Practice Impressions


Dear patients!

We are pleased that you have decided to undergo orthodontic treatment in our specialist practice in Munich. Are you satisfied with the treatment result? Then we would be pleased to receive your online evaluation. Thank you very much!

Invisalign treatment - great!
I can only recommend Dr. Franca von Dörnberg and her team! I decided to have invisalign treatment after a detailed consultation. I had previously been concerned about a pivot tooth in the front area that was not allowed to be moved. However, Dr. v. Dörnberg discussed this in detail with my dentist so that I could start treatment with complete peace of mind. After less than 4 months (!) and 14 aligners, I am now very happy with the result! Great
I am absolutely thrilled
I have just finished my treatment with Invisalign and am absolutely thrilled. It took me 26 weeks and the result is impressive. Dr. Franca von Dörnberg advised me very competently and everything turned out just as she said it would. The whole team is very helpful and friendly. If anyone is interested in Invisalign, I can only recommend Dr. Franca von Dörnberg.
Modern practice with high quality and friendly staff
I had an orthodontic treatment with Invisalign over 3 months with Dr. Dörnberg and am very satisfied with the result. She was also able to cure my superficial lesions, which three dentists (!) had previously considered incurable, which surprised and delighted me. For this reason, hats off to an orthodontist for solving such a problem. The practice is generally equipped with only the most modern equipment and has an excellent central location. Nevertheless, the practice is not more expensive than other practices with inferior equipment. Dr. Dörnberg and her team have always been very nice and helpful and always took a lot of time. Appointments were also always made very quickly. All in all, a great clinic!
Excellent in every respectExzellent in jeder Hinsicht
Dr. von Dörnberg is really well versed in the treatment of teeth and jaw anomalies according to the latest standards. Previously, I was told that my problem could only be solved by oral surgery. In the practice for modern orthodontics at Marienplatz, a substance-preserving and aesthetically very satisfying as well as effective method (15 months treatment time) was applied by means of fixed internal braces. Professionalism and friendliness always great.
9. September 2021