Our lasting successes with patients

Success and sustainability of our orthodontic treatment

We start every orthodontic treatment with a detailed consultation and a precise analysis of the position of your teeth. In this process, we talk about your wishes and ideas regarding the result of the orthodontic treatment and define a realistic treatment goal together. This process is supported in our practice with digital orthodontic methods such as 3D scanning and before-and-after simulation.

Our patient-successes

Treatment with damon-clear multibracket appliance (ceramic brackets)

02 before Gabriel_Franziska__Foto_intraoral_links__2017_02_07_00001169 02 after Gabriel_Franziska__Foto_intraoral_links__2018_07_31_00005864
01 before Gabriel_Franziska__Foto_intraoral_frontal__2017_02_07_00001166 01 after Gabriel_Franziska__Foto_intraoral_frontal__2018_07_31_00005862

Treatment with Damon-Clear multibracket appliance (ceramic brackets)

Diagnosis: Patient with pronounced temporomandibular joint disorders (anterior displacement of the articular disc without reduction) with difficulties opening the mouth, as well as pain when eating, speaking and swallowing, associated with a laterally open bite.


Treatment objective: The therapy, including the elimination of the temporomandibular joint complaints in combination with closing the laterally open bite, to achieve a functional and physiological bite position, as well as the patient’s freedom from complaints, was successfully implemented.


Duration of treatment: 12 months


Diagnosis: Multiple and pronounced malocclusions and dental arch asymmetries including a transposition of the lateral incisor and canine in the upper jaw. Pronounced mandibular recession with indication for surgical advancement of the mandible.


Treatment objective: The correction of the asymmetries and malocclusions, as well as surgical advancement of the mandible by means of a surgical repositioning osteotomy, was successfully achieved within 24 months.


You can read more about orthodontic-surgical therapy in the case publication “Kieferorthopädie Nachrichten” issue October 2021.

Combined orthodontic and maxillofacial therapy with lingual multibracket appliance (WIN Lingual Systems)

04 before Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_links__2018_07_16_00005688 04 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_links__2021_02_16_00018528
06 before Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_rechts__2018_07_16_00005687 06 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_rechts__2021_02_16_00018527
03 before Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_frontal__2018_07_16_00005686 03 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_frontal__2021_02_16_00018526
05 before Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_OK__2018_07_16_00005689 05 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_OK__2021_02_16_00018529
08-before-Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_UK__2018_07_16_00005690-scaled 08 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_intraoral_UK__2021_02_16_00018530
00 before Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_extraoral_front._(Lachen)__2018_08_28_00006175 00 after Nganga_Caroline_Wambui__Foto_extraoral_front._(Lachen)_neu__2020_12_03_00017560

Orthodontic treatment with lingual multibracket appliance

07 before Patient x Vorher__Foto_intraoral_frontal__2017_08_30_00002708

Orthodontic treatment with lingual multibracket appliance

Diagnosis: Pronounced deep bite with traumatic bite of the mandibular anterior teeth into the palate in the upper jaw.


Treatment objective: The correction of the malocclusions, as well as correction of the deep bite and elimination of the functional complaints were successfully achieved.


Duration of treatment: 15 months


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