Orthodontics for Adults

It’s never too late for beautiful teeth.

In most cases orthodontic tooth corrections are possible until old age. Straight teeth can prevent temporomandibular joint problems, muscular tension and dental dysfunctions and significantly improve facial aesthetics. 


Tooth movement is carried out with low forces over a longer period of time, taking into account the periodontological status (health of the hard and soft tissue), as well as prosthetic and conservative therapy plans of your general dentist. 


Close cooperation with our referrers is obligatory, as this is the only way to achieve an optimal therapy result for you.


Combined orthodontic and maxillofacial surgical therapy repositioning osteotomy: A technical term used to describe the surgical repositioning of the maxilla (upper jaw) and/or the mandible (lower jaw). This intervention may become necessary after the body has finished growing, i.e. in adulthood, if there is a strong discrepancy between the upper and lower jaws (e.g. a large anterior step or a so-called skeletal open bite).


A combined orthodontic and maxillofacial surgical therapy is – as the name suggests – only possible in cooperation with a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This colleague will inform you explain the procedure comprehensively before a possible surgical intervention.

Damon System
Ceramic brackets (Damon® Clear)
Ceramic brackets (Damon® Clear)
Internal braces (invisible)
Invisalign splint (invisible)


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Practice Impressions


Dear patients!

We are pleased that you have decided to undergo orthodontic treatment in our specialist practice in Munich. Are you satisfied with the treatment result? Then we would be pleased to receive your online evaluation. Thank you very much!

I am delighted
I have been with Dr Dörnberg for two years and I have felt very safe and in good hands during every treatment. She is very nice and caring. I never had to wait forever before a treatment and was always treated very neatly and professionally. The team was also totally professional, motivated and friendly. In my case, I had a huge lack of space around my lower and upper jaw. My teeth were literally zigzagging. Now they are perfectly straight and I absolutely love my smile. I have never had any problems with the braces and am VERY happy with the end result. I am only unhappy with the fact that I will no longer see Dr. Dörnberg every month. I recommend 100% and thank you very much!!!!
Excellent practice with very motivated team
I was very satisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. von Dörnberg. The treatment saved me several implants and I can finally smile again. The team was always very motivated and I always felt in good hands with Dr. von Dörnberg.
Top doctor and treatment result
I felt very well looked after from the initial consultation, through the individual treatment appointments to the finishing touches at the last appointment. Dr. von Dörnberg is very competent, up to date with the latest technical and professional standards, always took enough time for all questions and concerns and completed the treatment to my complete satisfaction even under the estimated time. Her practice team was also always friendly and competent. I recommend her 100%!
Excellent in every respect
Dr. von Dörnberg is really well versed in the treatment of teeth and jaw anomalies according to the latest standards. Previously, I was told that my problem could only be solved by oral surgery. In the practice for modern orthodontics at Marienplatz, a substance-preserving and aesthetically very satisfying as well as effective method (15 months treatment time) was applied by means of fixed internal braces. Professionalism and friendliness always top.