WHat is Lingual techniQue (WIN Lingual Systems)?

Lingual technique is a fixed lingual brace that is attached to the inside of the tooth and is not visible from the outside. The lingual braces (WIN) quickly become a part of you. The design of this high-tech brace, which is custom-made for the patient, fits the teeth exactly. Since the braces work around the clock, the tooth movements are usually visible after a short time.

Lingual braces can perform any kind of tooth movement in three-dimensional space. The WIN brace is a precise high-tech product: flat, accurate and precise, which enables reliable and predictable tooth position correction.

Lingual braces are placed exclusively on the inner surfaces of the teeth. This is why lingual braces, for example, are absolutely invisible from the outside, in contrast to transparent splints, the so-called aligners.

The most important thing: The result does not depend on your mood of the day! The braces are always in your mouth and work day and night.

Lingual braces also serve as an active caries prophylaxis, even for children and adolescents. The risk of permanent tooth damage in the sense of decalcification is significantly reduced with fixed lingual braces. New studies¹²³ have shown that the loss of calcium in the tooth enamel is much lower.

Treatment with the lingual technique (WIN) is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Dr von Dörnberg has many years of experience and a high level of competence in treatment with lingual technology and will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of invisible tooth correction.

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After a detailed orthodontic consultation with Dr. von Dörnberg, specialist dentist for orthodontics, an orthodontic and impression-free initial diagnosis including 3D scan and other state-of-the-art procedures is carried out.



An individual treatment plan including 3D simulation (individual setup) of the treatment result is created. The lingual braces and the archwires are then custom-made for the individual patient (using a bending robot).



Lingual braces are usually fitted in two steps. First, the appliance is placed in one jaw and then, after two to three check-up appointments, in the opposite jaw. This allows for greater patient comfort.



At intervals of four to six weeks, control appointments take place in the practice by the specialist dentist for orthodontics Dr. Franca von Dörnberg to check the progress of the treatment and to carry out archwire changes. This is the only way to ensure that the treatment proceeds correctly, safely and step by step as desired.


At the end of the treatment, everyone can enjoy the new smile together!




The WIN brace is a fixed brace and is attached to the inside of the tooth. It is completely invisible from the outside.


Due to its perfectly coordinated components, this high-tech brace moves both the crown and the root of the tooth reliably and in a three-dimensionally controlled manner in any direction.


The braces are in the mouth 24 hours a day, around the clock, so that the patient does not have to think about anything but good and regular dental care. At check-ups, which take place every four to six weeks, the correct course of treatment and the reaction of the teeth are checked. Also, in order to continue the treatment step by step, the archwires for correcting the misalignment of the teeth are exchanged. Progress is usually visible after a short time.


The total duration of treatment depends on the original malocclusion and initial situation.


Any type of malocclusion can be corrected with internal braces. Beforehand, it is always important to carry out a comprehensive clinical diagnosis and initial consultation.


In most cases, treatment with lingual braces is suitable for adults and teenagers.


WIN Lingual Systems is the market leader in the field of internal lingual braces. Therefore, only the most modern and high-precision technologies are used for the production of the individual appliance. By means of 3D intraoral scanning of the teeth and a 3D printing process, the highest precision and impression-free treatment is guaranteed.


We have a flexible all-round service for you.

benefits of Lingual technique

Completely invisible treatment

Because the braces are attached to the inside of the teeth, the treatment is completely invisible.

No restrictions in sport and music

Especially during contact sports, injuries to the inside of the lips can occur with conventional fixed braces. This danger does not exist with lingual braces. Playing brass instruments is also possible without restrictions.

Individually manufactured and precise for each patient

Made to measure for each patient. Treatment can be very time-consuming for the orthodontist and the patient. With the lingual appliance, you get a precisely defined goal: the day the lingual braces are fitted, the desired optimal treatment result is already fixed.

High comfort

Due to the individual and flat design, there are hardly any impairments.

Precise and controlled tooth-movement

WIN braces can correct any type of tooth misalignment - even difficult ones. And because WIN is a fixed lingual brace, the entire tooth is moved in a three-dimensional controlled manner: the crown and the root of the tooth. This creates teeth that fit together exactly.

Painless tooth-movements

The WIN treatment arches are made of superelastic materials. These guarantee gentle and pain-free tooth movement. The archwire cross-sections are extremely precise and fit into the brackets of the WIN lingual technique with millimetre accuracy. In this way, an exact adjustment of the teeth can be achieved at the end of treatment.

faq´s regarding Lingual technique

This refers to a fixed brace that is attached to the inside of the teeth. That is, on the side facing the tongue. Hence the name “lingual”, derived from the Latin word “lingua”, which means “tongue”.

The first patients were treated with lingual braces at the end of the 1970s. WIN braces are the latest generation of fully customised internal braces and have been available to any certified orthodontic specialist since 2013.

The WIN braces are manufactured by DW Lingual Systems GmbH. The team consists of trained dental technicians, engineers and specialists in the fields of brace production, archwire programming, transfer tray production, 3D printing, CAD/CAM technology and information technology. A team of orthodontic specialists is on hand to provide clinical support for the further development of the appliance.

DW Lingual Systems GmbH manufactures the braces exclusively in Germany, more precisely in Bad Essen in southern Lower Saxony. Your WIN braces are therefore a quality product “Made in Germany”.

WIN braces consist of flat brackets (small metal plates used to attach the archwire) made individually for each patient, which only fit perfectly on the inner surfaces of the teeth for which they were made. Exactly positioned with the help of a transfer splint, they are bonded to the inside of the tooth and removed after treatment without leaving any residue.

The second important component of a WIN brace is the wire archwire, which is also made individually for each patient and with a bending robot, which is inserted into the brackets and forms a unit together with them. In the course of a WIN treatment, these archwires are changed several times.

Due to its flat design, WIN braces are the invisible and internal braces for your teeth. Each individual part is individually adapted to the shape of your teeth. The optimal treatment result determined for you beforehand takes your personal jaw shape into account and thus contributes to the particularly high long-term stability and functionality of the tooth correction with WIN braces.

Conventional external braces are not individually manufactured and can therefore neither take your personal tooth shape nor your jaw size into account exactly.

As WIN braces are fixed to the inside of the teeth, they are completely invisible. Removable splints cover the entire tooth area, both on the outside and inside, and are therefore one of the almost invisible treatment appliances. Since splints have to be removed several times a day at mealtimes and for dental hygiene, a constant application of force, as with the lingual appliance, is not possible on a continuous basis. Only with fixed braces such as WIN braces three-dimensional movements are guaranteed.

You will see the first improvements in your teeth position after just a few weeks.

The duration of a treatment depends very much on the misalignment of the teeth and jaw. Thus, treatments with smaller to medium treatment effort can be completed after 6-12 months. If larger adjustments and tooth movements are necessary to achieve a result with very good long-term stability, treatments can also take up to 2-2.5 years.

You can clean your braces during normal tooth brushing with standard toothpaste. You can use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush for this purpose – just as you have been used to. In addition, we recommend small interdental brushes for cleaning. However, after the braces have been fitted, we will explain in detail how best to clean your teeth and braces.

A clear “no” and that is for your own benefit. The manufacturer of the WIN appliance (DW Lingual Systems) only works with orthodontic specialists such as Dr. Franca von Dörnberg. A specialist dentist for orthodontics is someone who has completed four years of further training in the field of orthodontics after graduating from dental school and successfully passing the state examination. After this further training, he or she must successfully pass the specialist dental examination. This restriction, which is applied when selecting DW Lingual Systems’ clients, guarantees you as a patient treatment by an experienced and highly specialised expert in the field of orthodontics.

WIN braces are lingual braces that are attached to the inside of the teeth and are therefore not visible to outsiders. This means that your environment will certainly notice the improvement in the position of your teeth, but not your braces.

In contrast to conventional braces on the outside, WIN braces are made individually for each patient. This means that the individual conditions in your mouth are already taken into account when the braces are made.

Another advantage of WIN braces is the tenfold lower risk of caries compared to external braces. Incidentally, the tenfold lower caries risk has been scientifically confirmed.

For adult patients, many supplementary insurances and private health insurances cover the costs of lingual braces. However, there are major differences in cost coverage between the various insurances. In addition, every case is different. Sometimes smaller measures are sufficient to optimise the position of the teeth, but in some cases the effort can be considerably higher. Accordingly, there is a cost variance depending on the extent of treatment required.

Suitability for treatment

Definitely yes. It is even advantageous to choose the internal braces for this more elaborate form of therapy, because the braces usually remain in the mouth for a longer period of time. Therefore, it makes sense to choose braces that have been scientifically proven to have a tenfold lower caries risk compared to conventional braces. Furthermore, orthodontic-surgical combination treatment in particular requires the highest precision in aligning the teeth. WIN braces offer you this precision. On the one hand, this means that the overall treatment time is shorter and gentler, and on the other hand, you already know at the beginning of the treatment how the teeth will be positioned at the end of the treatment.

The correction of an overbite can be successfully corrected with WIN braces and additional treatment mechanics (e.g. by hooking small elastics between both jaws).

Crowned teeth can be moved just like your natural teeth. The brackets are bonded on after a special (but not elaborate) pre-treatment.

Gaps between teeth can be reliably closed with WIN braces. However, when teeth are missing, it does not always make sense to close gaps completely. In some cases, it also makes sense to fill the gap with an implant.

A resounding yes. With WIN braces, any type of malocclusion can be corrected satisfactorily. It is completely irrelevant whether you have already had braces treatment or not and what extent the misalignment has (re)assumed in the meantime.

Quality of life

To avoid losing a bracket, as with any conventional fixed brace, only very hard foods such as hard crusts of bread or sticky sweets should be avoided during treatment. Fruit and raw vegetables such as apples and carrots should be cut into small pieces before eating.

Local mucosal irritation of the tongue may occur, especially in the first few days after insertion. These can be successfully treated by independently applying a protective wax to the triggering bracket. In general, the surrounding tissues quickly get used to the new situation, so that the braces are no longer perceived as annoying or severely restrictive within a very short time.

Changes in pronunciation occur mainly in the first period after the insertion of the internal braces. Children and adolescents usually get used to the new situation very well after a few days to weeks. Adults also experience a clear improvement in pronunciation after a few weeks. Others then notice no or hardly any difference.

Depending on the treatment phase, check-up appointments are usually made every four to six weeks. The duration of a check-up appointment is usually 20 to 30 minutes.

To allow the teeth to move, they are attached to an archwire via the internal bracket. The archwires used are made out of different materials and are changed during the course of treatment. The insertion of a new archwire can cause a feeling of pressure, but this subsides after a few days.


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Practice Impressions


Dear patients!

We are pleased that you have decided to undergo orthodontic treatment in our specialist practice in Munich. Are you satisfied with the treatment result? Then we would be pleased to receive your online evaluation. Thank you very much!

Excellent in every respect
Dr. von Dörnberg is really well versed in the treatment of teeth and jaw anomalies according to the latest standards. Previously, I was told that my problem could only be solved by oral surgery. In the practice for modern orthodontics at Marienplatz, a substance-preserving and aesthetically very satisfying as well as effective method (15 months treatment time) was applied by means of fixed internal braces. Professionalism and friendliness always great.
Great result with the lingual technique
About 2 years ago, Dr. von Dörnberg was recommended to me as a specialist for the lingual technique. At that time, I had extreme temporomandibular joint problems and little hope for a low-pain therapy to correct my misaligned teeth. Since last week, my treatment with the internal braces has been completed. The result is great! I am more than satisfied. Dr von Dörnberg is an absolute professional in her field. She and her team, especially Vanessa, were always nice and empathetic. There was always enough time for questions. Appointments were always kept super punctually. I had no complaints while wearing the braces. I always felt very comfortable in the practice and can highly recommend Dr. von Dörnberg.
Lingual braces
After only 11 months, we were able to finish the treatment with the internal braces and I am more than thrilled! Dr. von Dörnberg and the whole team always took enough time and explained everything in detail! The practice was always easy to contact with any questions and appointments were also made without any problems (no waiting times!). Also a big thank you to Vanessa, who was always in a good mood and did a great job! I felt really well looked after and can only recommend the practice to everyone!
Invisalign treatment - great!
I can only recommend Dr. Franca von Dörnberg and her team! I decided to have invisalign treatment after a detailed consultation. I had previously been concerned about a pivot tooth in the front area that was not allowed to be moved. However, Dr. v. Dörnberg discussed this in detail with my dentist so that I could start treatment with complete peace of mind. After less than 4 months (!) and 14 aligners, I am now very happy with the result! Great
11. July 2021